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How does it work?

Find the right freelancers and get your work done timely, and to your satisfaction. With a global recognition from the Tony Elumelu Foundation 2015 Entreprenuship Programme, Growth and Employment Programme 2016 of the Nigeria Government and Nigeria Tech Summit, and many more, we are committed to bringing you an opportunity for businesses for find the best people for their work.

Is it free?

Joining our community is absolutely free. 

How do I post my job

Posting your job is easy. We have provided a step by step process to enable you easily post your job. Get Started

Are there fees?

We charge the following fees:

  • Featured: This option places your job at the top of the category. The feature fee is N1,000  only and features your job for 30days. 
  •  Seller Fee: This fee is paid after a successful completion of every job. The maximum you pay is 20% depending on your user level. 
  • Processing Fee: This fee is charge by the payment processor. Depending on the payment channel you choose, internal wallet payment is free.

Can I contact a buyer outside of MyPady?

For security and user protection, all services, communication and payment must be completed on our platform. We do not take any responsibilities for transactions made outside our platform. Kindly report any seller requesting payment or any communication outside our platform. 

How can I withdraw my earning?

We transfer your withdrawable earnings directly to your bank account within 24hours of your request. Depending on the queue, withdrawal can take up to 3 business days. Ensure you withdrawal bank details matches your personal details on your profile. Sometimes, at the discretion of our security and fraud department we might require that you submit your identity document for additional verification. 

Seller is requesting payment outside mypady

This is probably a scam. Our escrow system ensure seller delivers your service to the best of your request before payments are released. Never transact with any seller or buyer outside our system